Lunch, Snacks

Vegetable Cheese Crepes

It is easy to prepare Vegetable Cheese Crepes. I like why they look so good and taste so good, which makes it gourmet food. Vegetable Cheese Crepes contain a spicy mix of...

Dinner, Lunch

Instant Pot Dum Aloo

Family-friendly Instant Pot Dum Aloo with whole baby potatoes cooked in a luscious cream sauce is scrumptious and makes great leftover lunches. Despite its simplicity, Dum Aloo...

Dinner, Lunch

Tempura shrimp

Homemade Tempura Shrimp that’s crispy and delicious! Good batter and deep-frying techniques are vital to making a light, crispy coating that doesn’t absorb oil when fried...

Dinner, Lunch

Shahi Chicken Moti Biryani

Shahi Chicken Moti Biryani in white mild spicy gravy with roasted potatoes and boiled egg. Then we make chicken moti balls with chicken mince and cook them in white mild spicy...

Breakfast, Lunch

Rajma Masala Poori

Rajma masala poori is an Indian puffed bread made of whole wheat flour and leftover rajma masala and fried in oil. It’s perfect to pair with Indian curries. Poori, which also...

Dinner, Lunch

Tandoori Prawn Pulao

Tandoori Prawn Pulao Recipe is one of my favorite daily meals, and I love shrimp pulao. Prawn Pulao or Shrimp Pulumo is rice cooked with shrimp in tandoori masala and then...